Background To Energy Politics
The piston engine combined with petroleum fuels is the most important invention of all time. This is what separates the current civilization from Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome. In effect the use of highly concentrated energy and power.

There is very close association between Money and Energy. Between Money supply and energy supply. Between GDP of the economy and energy consumption within the economy.

Money is a claim against available energy supplies. For example, there would be no point to providing investment money to an area of the world if there is no way to also deploy a matching amount of energy and energy infrastructure.

The world is not a very fair place. I submit that access to energy is the root cause.

The 1 billion people in the west have energy, the remaining 5 billion people do not. For example the US consumes 28 barrels of oil / yr per person ? China consumes 1.7. The US consumes 20 million barrels / day and has about 290 million people. Iraq produces about 2 million barrels / day and has about 25 million people. If Iraq had western standard of living, they would consume all their production at home.

This issue is never discussed by anyone. Western governments want to mush this issue. The US official policy seems to be that democracy, open markets, and freedom will result in prosperity, but no mention of the ?inconvenient fact? that the world would need to supply five times more energy than now. If that five times more energy were available, the world economy would be five times bigger, more ideas, bigger economy of scale etc etc. Before we can start to dream about such a world, we need some plausible technology or source of that energy. My opinion is energy supplies is the first step toward a more fair and prosperous world rather than platitudes.

I understand that the same energy which provides high living standards can and will power militaries. I personally would be willing to take the chance that prosperous populations have more to lose and less to gain from aggression. I submit that higher living standards will lead to more peaceful and stable world.

I have followed energy technology all my professional life. In short - Catalytic Depolymerization is the first technology I have seen which seems able to ?solve all the problems? and seems ready to deploy now with no unknowns.