CDP is too good to be true, but it seems like it is true.

CDP can solve the world energy problem 100%

I saw this system running with my own eyes. Pictures

CDP does not violate any laws of physics or thermal dynamics. I have 4 year mechanical engineering degree ? I would know.

CDP is a proven working end to end system which can be built now with no unknowns or unresolved issues.

CDP will produce diesel fuel for $.60 per gal assuming free feedstock with no government subsidies.

CDP will eliminate land fill ? can convert all organic materials to fuels ? paper cardboard wood food plastic rubber etc

CDP will convert Agricultural Waste to liquid fuels ? rather than have it burned in the fields etc

CDP produces fuels which are drop in replacement for existing transportation fuels ? pure hydrocarbon chemically

CDP does not produce any toxic waste ? no dioxins etc

CDP operates at about 750 Deg F and just below atmospheric pressure with a catalyst

Uses a mechanical spinning disk to perform the conversion ? this is a known process

Output of existing plant is pure Diesel which can be used directly in vehicles. They are working on Gasoline.

If all landfill were converted about 10% of US energy demand would be supplied by CDP

If all Ag waste is converted another 15% or so

Easily accessible forest which will burn anyway another 10% or so.

In order to supply all 100 Quads of current US energy demand about 500,000 sq miles of area would need to produce grown for purpose feedstock. This assumes 2% solar to Chemical energy conversion efficiency which is easily achievable. If CDP is used to supply 100% of US energy demand then it is a form of solar energy.

If all feedstock is grown for purpose then CDP would be carbon neutral. That is carbon captured by the plant when growing is release when the fuel made from that plant is burned.

The entire plant is used, not just the high value part. CDP captures the ash (fertilizer) which can be returned to soil

My opinion fuel plantations can double as human recreational areas and habitat for other species. I can?t see anything for environmentalists to complain about except maybe we can all keep our SUV?s

This technology can supply enough energy to allow all people to achieve high living standard. That is 5 times more energy than now being used by humans and can do so without destroying the environment.

I think fuel plantations can be built on the open ocean around the equator if land turns out to be in short supply.

I also bought and am looking into building a small scale pilot plant ? to see for myself first hand and I am talking with Ontario, Ca city government about building a plant here in Ontario where I live and work. I would like to run the demo plant I saw for 8 hours and measure all input and output myself. I will publish my results when they let me do that.

I understand that the CEO of Green power has had some legal trouble in the past. I really do not think this is any kind of fraud or scam. If anyone has any info which calls any of my statements into question, please contact me or post your information here.

If anyone from Big Oil, US government, or any other interested party has an opinion, please contact me. You may post any comments and identify yourself or contact me by email and confidentiality will be respected if necessary.

I don?t think anyone really believes the trouble in the Middle East is completely unrelated to all the oil that is there. It would be pretty funny if we destroy the civilization we have built with oil by fighting over oil when it becomes scarce. My opinion is the human race is more likely to survive and prosper if there is plenty of energy -- Even if the same energy which provides high living standard can also power militaries. Just my opinion ? no guarantees.

I believe this technology is far more economical than any other proposed bio fuel project which I have seen. Any other projects being considered should do a comparison to CDP before proceeding. That includes coal to oil, tar sands, shale, ethanol, bio diesel.

Back to Thermal Depolymerization

TDP operates at a higher temperature than CDP and will produce dioxins if the feed stock includes plastics. TDP temperature also results in crystallized carbon sometimes called Char or Coke. This Char is difficult to deal with because it is abrasive and can clog the equipment. For these reasons, TDP is still not a proven workable concept.

CDP work goes back 35 years and was started at Siemens in Germany. It was spun off 15 years ago. Dr Koch has been the chief scientist. He claims they had TDP working 30 years ago and without the catalyst, they could not create a practical system.

Seems there does exist a narrow technical window for a practical CDP system and they have found and proven it.