Why This Website Is
July of 2003 I ran across an article on Thermal Depolymerization. I started to follow the subject. I watched as Changing World Technology built a small scale plant in Carthage Missouri. In Dec 2003 I put up the web site which describes TDP technology and the Carthage plant in as much detail as has been made available.

Since then I have been contacted by many people including Brian Appell CEO of CWT.

My TDP web site makes a public request that CWT make their plant available for an independent review of their technology.

Honestly in my opinion, the Carthage plant does not look like a viable example for TDP. They have never disclosed economics. They have constantly pushed for government subsidies. Published articles suggest that their oil output costs about $80 / bbl. They have not disclosed where their output is going. I have been told by people who claim to know that this plant was never intended to be a TDP plant, rather it was a way to get a conventional rendering plant built next door to their turkey processing plant. The plant has been closed down several times due to odor complaints which would be very consistent with a rendering plant.

I still thought the concept had merit. The idea of converting organic materials to liquid hydrocarbons in a way similar to the process used by nature seemed logical. I read all the related patents and maintained an interest.

My web site is .org and I have not made any sort of commercial efforts. Just information gathering and publishing.

I do not have any unpublished or trade secret information.

I have never been contacted by Big Oil or the Government. No personal threats etc.

I have requested information about CWT from DOE and did receive some information regarding planned future plants. The Carthage plant seems to be their only plant.

Interest in Alternative Energy has picked up in the last year as Oil Prices have risen.

My TDP web site also makes a public request that anyone with information about TDP independent of CWT should please contact me. I was contacted on June 5, 2006 by a guy who claims to have invented TDP and who has been working on it for 30 years. This gentleman is 80 years old and has requested his name not be used. On July 16, 2006 I went to visit him to see his 6 th generation machine which he has set up and able to run. This machine is very nicely built and takes up about 2000 sq ft of floor space. This is a real TDP machine it will convert any organic material to a pure hydrocarbon oil similar to crude oil. This TDP machine does the conversion at 870 deg F and about 250 PSI using pure heat and pressure ? no catalyst etc. Anyone interested in doing detailed mass energy balance on this machine is welcome to contact me.

On about July 19, 2006 I ran across an article about a public demonstration of a system called Catalytic Depolymerization. That sounds familiar.

The demo was done on July 26, 2006 near Seattle. I had to go see for myself. I flew up from Southern California and back for a day trip. It was worth going to see.

I came back. Bought this web site the next day. The content on this site is first published on Aug 8, 2006. What I saw is published here. I had no knowledge of these people or their technology before my trip to see their demo. I was very impressed by what I saw and I am more impressed now after additional digging.